Everyone faces challenges and adversity throughout their lifetime.  However, what defines a man's character is not the mistakes he has made in the past but rather how he uses lessons learned in the past to better his life.  My name is Jack Slocumb, and I will be graduating from Holy Cross College in May 2012 with a major in Business and minors in English and American History. Unlike the majority of college students, my path to this point has been one full of twists and surprises.

 My college journey started in 2004, when I was an 18 year old freshman at Holy Cross.  However, after only three semesters at school, I left school to work at a bank in Chicago.  It was at this bank that I worked full-time for over three years while earning several promotions along the way.  In 2009 I decided that coming back to Holy Cross College to finish my degree was something that I needed to do.  In the summer of 2009 I was re-accepted back to Holy Cross College, and I have not looked back!  To learn more about Holy Cross College, please visit their website at www.hcc-nd.edu.

 My eFolio website is filled with my experiences over the last few years of my life at Holy Cross.  Please take a look around at all of my pages, as each one documents my experiences and growth, including the four pillars of the Holy Cross College experience: Service Learning, International Experience, Internship, and Capstone.  I hope you enjoy my eFolio!